Saturday, December 5, 2009

Another one from Time Goes By

Obama So Far

Yes, another one worth reading and this one is from Saul Friedman. I'm afraid that I'm with Saul, this presidency is not not showing me much. I know campaign promises are meant to be vague, but this is getting to be ridiculous. The Democrats won didn't they? In the the article, there is mention of the fact that independents have soured on the broken promises. They (I) expected some one like Roosevelt and there hasn't been one positive move in that direction. True, we needed to repair our image among the other nations of the world and that has happened. Yay! But now we have another large and expensive war going on in a country that has historically defeated the largest of forces pitted against it. Why are we there? We really need to be repairing things in Pakistan...they have the Bomb. And as for health care, I think I have lost all interest in that miserable bill. What happened to Medicare for all? Another reason I'm glad to be an independent; at least I don't have to be embarrassed by the current bill as the Democrats should be. Every email I sent to key lawmakers included a reference to my support for Medicare for I'm not embarrassed, just disappointed.

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