Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hi Ho the Merry-O

Curse you Facebook! I have become a Farmville addict and spend far too much time looking at my virtual crops and figuring out how to make more virtual money. But it was time well spent this morning as I waited impatiently for my Poinsettia crop to become ready for harvesting. Suddenly I had an idea; why can't the Farmville community have virtual migrant workers available to purchase? C'mon, we're talking about farms here and we have to do all of the work; somehow that doesn't seem right. Oh, I know that some Farmville farmers would moan about aiding the illegal's, but we could make sure that they all had virtual green cards. Problem solved. Considering the size of my farm and the kind of crops I grow, I might need two migrant workers for the picking, cultivating and seeding. Then I could sit on my virtual butt and watch the money roll in. I like the idea!

1 comment:

  1. Don't you have a virtual corner where you can find the virtual migrant worker to pay under the table? I guess I need to start a farm