Tuesday, December 29, 2009

DeMint. Republican. South Wingnutia.

Is there something wrong with me? I did not feel threatened by a lone terrorist and the government's response to that event. I did not feel that President Obama should have done anymore than he did. Someone wrote a headline that stated, "President emerges from seclusion…" Seclusion? When is he ever secluded? He is always surrounded by his staff including all of the military staff. And Hawai'i actually has telephones and all of the other forms of communication that are a normal part of our world. He's also a few minutes away from Kaneohe Naval Air Station. And some other reporter noted that the President was "...in a tropical paradise". Obviously a reporter that has never been to that side of the island of Oahu. The biggest thing going on that part of 'paradise' is a Naval Air Station. Have you ever seen the neighbors that live around a military base? The Presidents view of paradise comes only from his front room window that faces the Pacific. Mini-marts, tattoo parlors and check cashing services are abundant all around that part of paradise. (The other side of Oahu isn't that much better)

I really feel more threatened by the fact that the Republicans are holding the confirmation of the presumed head of the TSA, hostage…

An attempt to blow up a trans-Atlantic flight from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas Day would be all-consuming for the administrator of the Transportation Security Administration — if there were one.

The post remains vacant because Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., has held up President Barack Obama's nominee in opposition to the prospect of TSA workers joining a labor union.

What else have they held up in their desire to subvert the President every chance they get?

At the same time, I also feel that these small attempts at terrorism (I know that they weren't 'small' to anyone on the airplane, but in the larger picture they were small) are meant to keep us focused on the wrong things while something bigger is planned and in some area where we haven't been so careful. That would be my worry…

Of course my military strategy expertise comes from a few grueling years of playing 'War' outside the house and in a vacant lot when I was six and seven years old. But I'll put that expertise up against Demint's any old time.


  1. What a delight to read your blog. I could not agree with you more. I'll be back.

  2. I thank you very much for the kind words...

  3. Can you imagine the ensuing outcry if a Democrat held up a Republican nominee because the nominee wouldn't allow employees to join a union?