Thursday, December 24, 2009

Despite Fragile Health

Byrd Is Present for Votes -

"As the president pro tempore of the Senate (which places him third in the presidential line of succession), Mr. Byrd is provided a round-the-clock security detail from the United States Capitol Police, who ferry him to and from the Capitol."

He's 92 years old! Why is he still a Senator? We force commercial airline pilots to retire at 65 because of safety concerns. Why do we let lawmakers continue on, way past the point of 'safety'?

I's an old and useless rant, but darn it, I'm very much a liberal and I would want every liberal vote possible in the Senate, but the Senate is full of old men...who really need to retire. I want fresh ideas from lawmakers, not the same old thing. And I'm getting close to 70 years old myself...I know that you can't be a star at age 75 or 80. These people are only fooling themselves if they think they can do the job that should be done as our representatives.

Oh, well. I feel better for saying it. And I do wish Mr. Byrd a long, long life...but not as a Senator.

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