Tuesday, December 8, 2009

From The Well-Armed Lamb

The Well-Armed Lamb:

"For some time I have wondered why the US Govt has conceived such an animus against Ivo Morales"

Well...I too wondered what the deal was. Morales certainly didn't seem like much of threat, yet as soon as he was elected, I read of the displeasure of the powers that be in our land. Bolivia, a threat? But I did not know about the Lithium. So Morales is really a big player in world economics and our powers that be are never happy if a, gasp!, Socialist makes his way onto the world stage. Perhaps our efforts would be better spent on wooing him instead of thinking of devious ways to eliminate him.Just imagine the kerfuffle if such a plan were to be uncovered. Bye, bye Lithium forever!

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