Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A little something I found...

This is what we can expect from our Senators. And after this is a done deal, they will call for press conferences and pat each other on the back as they boast about all of the hard that was done and aren't we all happy now?

1. A Legal Mandate upon every American buy insurance from private companies, at whatsoever price the supplier decides, without the choice of a public option;
2. Higher (even first-time) taxes on middle class health care plans--e.g., unions-- and a free ride for the wealthy;
3. Higher insurance premiums, which will INCREASE in cost by about/at least $1000 a year;
4. Increased O-o-P (out of pocket) health care costs in higher deductibles and co-pays;
5. Insurance companies will continue to be exempt from anti-trust laws, inhibiting competition;
6. A sweet, sweet deal for PhRMA preserving them from being required to negotiate prices for Medicare drug users;
7. Monopolies granted on new biologic drugs so they will never become generics
8. NO medicare expansion
9. Despite explicit declarations to the contrary, there will be annual limit on benefits that insurance companies have to pay out, and
10. And to top it all off, the IRS fines you if you won't shell out money to insurance companies!

Gosh, I'm glad to be an American!

And one more thing...they will be cracking down on drug sales from Canadian sources. You know how shady those Canadians are!


  1. We've been led down the garden path