Sunday, December 20, 2009

Musing again

A quarter to six and I haven't done much news browsing at all. Why? The news is very depressing these days and that makes me a sad person and since I don't want that today, I've avoided it. Ordinarily, I can take most news stories and really enjoy the facts I can glean from them, but not recently. I suppose I've reached a saturation point and must wait awhile before getting back into the thick of it. It all started with a recent issue of the Economist and a story about Turkmenistan and their 'gas' problem. No, not that gas but their supply of natural gas which is huge. They sell $$$billions of dollars worth of it and the populace remains poor, sick and ignorant. And then there were stories of Nepal, Burma and Bangladesh. Throw in some news from Somalia and it's hard to stay focused on a glass half full anymore. Why in the world do we, the supposed civilized nations, allow this to happen? It's not just the US but it's all of the civilized nations and that includes China. You say it's none of our business? No, it's one planet and one race, the human race. Whenever people, humans, are sick, abused and starving it doesn't matter where they are, it's our collective problem. I know, I know…it's foolish to think it will ever change but I think we all have to keep these desires somewhere in our psyche or we will turn into 'them' and we don't want to do that.

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