Saturday, January 16, 2010


With all of the medical problems and the surgeries I've had the fun of attending, it's only logical that I would spend a lot of time researching these things. And in my search, I've run across a few forums dedicated to the medical problems that interest me. Wow! The problems that people have are simply staggering at times and make for difficult reading. Even when I discount the stories by 10% for exaggeration, the medical problems are immense. And what's worse, so many of the problems tell stories of doctors refusing to treat and of hospitals letting patients wait for 10 hours or more in the emergency rooms. The forums are the only place where most can tell their stories; where they vent. The medical establishment doesn't want to hear it.

Of course I had to wonder how many of those complainers voted for republicans? Republicans who can't even suggest a health plan because they like it the way it is.

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