Saturday, January 2, 2010


I was doing the usual thing I do at this hour, looking though the flotsam and jetsam that makes up the internet. And I ran across an AlterNet article, The Most Outrageous Media Comments of 2009 -- Glenn Beck Takes the Cake. I'm not going to link it here because I was nauseated by the content; if you want to read it, you know how to find it. I'm sure you already know what kinds of statements were made. Anyway, what I don't understand is this compulsion by those of the rightwing persuasion, the Republicans and other conservatives, to lash out in the most vile and ugly way. If I were a Republican, which I could have been back in the days of Eisenhower, I would be thoroughly ashamed of these people. Why aren't they being repudiated at the highest levels of the Republican Party? By Mr. Steele and others? Don't they have a responsibility to do that? Or is their silence a sign that they actually believe these ugly words? I know that the Left is not comprised of choirboys, but I don't remember any prominent Democrats making these kinds of statements. And I'm right. This is solely a problem of the Republicans and one that they should be ashamed of.

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