Friday, January 22, 2010

From the Chico News and Review

Guest Comment: The U.S. and Haiti

The Chico News and Review, though quite small, is the best newspaper in the North state. It comes out once a week and on Fridays I go to Cal Java to enjoy a small latte while reading. I'm rarely disappointed in the content and this guest commentary got my attention this week as I knew a little something of the sad history of Haiti.

I think I was 12 when I read about the rebellion that was led by Toussaint L'Ouverture and Henri Christophe. It was a tale of carnage and just what a 12 year old would enjoy. I hadn't made the connection in my mind that these were real people and they were spilling real blood; not yet.

And it was 5 years later, during the time of 'Papa Doc', that I read some more and learned the history of our invasion and occupation of the island...20 years! can you believe it? Terribly true. As was 'Papa Doc' himself. His son, 'Baby Doc' carried on the family tradition of theft and terror while we continued to support them.

And after all those years of our repressing the citizens of Haiti and aiding the dictators, for someone like Pat Robertson or Rush Limbaugh to criticize that nation...well, it should be criminal for people that stupid to express an opinion of any kind.

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