Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tom said what?

Getting better. I know it's weird, but I only had two Norco yesterday and the same with Dilaudid and Zanaflex. That's worth a celebration and I may do that! I'm not counting the Neurontin and Ibuprofen I take because those are prescribed and mandatory, the others, the narcotics, are only to be taken when needed. And I didn't need!

I received the second seed catalog of the season yesterday and I was impressed. I mean really impressed! It came from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds of Bakersville Missour-uh. The photography was exceptional and the variety of seeds is overwhelming. My son-in-law and daughter have an old greenhouse and it would be a great place to do 'starts'. Hmmm? I wonder if the grandkids would be my helpers? Anyway, back to the catalog; throughout the catalog, quotes that are relevant to the food supply and the pressures of our present day are sprinkled here and there. I found one that I really liked beneath a photo of a Moon and Stars Melon; Thomas Jefferson said "The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government." Did you catch that? 'The care of human life and happiness…the first and only…'. Why that sounds like 'socialism' to me, or 'socialism' as Republicans like to define it. Apparently, Thomas Jefferson was a closet socialist and even then, over 200 years ago, was certainly scheming to ruin the good life that we know today. As the Tea Baggers say, 'the only good socialist is a dead one…' and Thomas is certainly that; dead. Yes, even among the fruits and flowers, there are bits of wisdom.

I'm not a paid representative of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds – honest, I'm not! But they are certainly worth looking at on the web. And for the two of us to enjoy, they have just opened their second store in Petaluma and that's a day trip for us. (Maybe two days if we feel like it.) They bought an old bank in downtown Petaluma and barely remodeled it. All of the marble and stone of an old bank are still there and look great now that all the grime has been cleaned away. Of course I'm only seeing photos of it and really need to see it up close. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the catalog and taking notes.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds


  1. Dotta18:36 PM

    Can I go with you??? I have been hearing alot about the Petaluma store!! Oh...and my original comment thought...yeah Dad...we may both be healed this year eh????

  2. There's a darn good chance of it!

    Check it can carry their seeds.