Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Headline this morning…G.O.P. Senate Victory Stuns Democrats


It didn't take me more than a few seconds to process that and then say to myself. 'You have to be kidding! Stunned? If the Democrats didn't see this coming when they allowed Martha to be the candidate they are dumber than a sack full of hammers. They are dumber than…than…Sarah Palin!" Further processing, maybe a full ten seconds worth, and I came up with the realization that we are really in trouble if Martha is a sample of how smart the Democrats are and if John McCain and Gidget von Braun Quittypants represent the best the Republicans can come up with. Intelligence, folks! We want intelligence. We need intelligence and not cunning. I still believe we have an intelligent President, which is really a relief, but I do believe he needs to have some intelligent aides. He really isn't supposed to do it all, that's a myth. But he is responsible for it all and that why he needs intelligent people on his side. He obviously doesn't.

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