Monday, January 11, 2010


The health care fight goes on and once again I'm simply baffled by the Republicans. Didn't they go to the same schools as the rest of us? Didn't they have to study the Constitution as the rest of us did? Were they asleep during that part of class? Or, perhaps it's a genetic thing; they're missing a vital gene, the one that would allow them to care for their fellow Americans. Here we are, down to the wire on the health care and there is still no alternate health care bill from the Republican side. They simply want to defeat this bill and then go back to sleeping or whatever they do instead of working for you and me. So, that tells me that they think the status quo is just fine. Why would they think that being in last place in health care among the wealthy nations is OK? Why would they think that it's OK for hundreds of thousands of American citizens to go bankrupt because of medical bills? Why is it OK for this nation to pay the very most for health care (and drugs) and still be in last place among the wealthy nations? Why Why? Why?

Funny; they have never answered those questions. Never. Ever. It's really simple…ANSWER THE QUESTIONS!

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