Friday, January 22, 2010

Winners and Whiners

Everyone is upset about the SCOTUS decision to hand over the keys to the nation to corporations. Okay, not everyone is unhappy. The US Chamber of Commerce, traitors all…they welcomed the decision. Also your Senator and mine are quite happy with the deal as all they have to do now is please the right corporation and the campaign for election/reelection will be handled for them. The same will apply to our Congresspersons. In fact all law making will become a slam dunk. Who's going to complain to the guy operating the steamroller? And it won't just be a national issue, bad enough that that is, but corporations will take on the state and local governments as well. Why not? The money is unlimited as over 70% of all corporations pay no taxes at all. And with corporations owning the lawmakers, that will soon be 100%. You might also want to remember that majority of the largest corporations are multinationals with their interests and stockholders from nations other than ours and with different agendas. Think about it.

But there is a way out of this…if every American will give $10 to a fund to fight this, we can do battle against the corporations. What do you mean you don't have $10 to spare? Sigh…

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