Tuesday, February 23, 2010


As I read the dismal financial news coming from Sacramento and then remembering a personal story I heard; a friend's wife is a school teacher, kindergarten, and her salary was reduced by $2,500 this past year and she had donated a little over $900 in materials to her classroom. A lot of teachers won't do that, but that's not the point of where I'm going with this; I see a real disaster coming because of our citizens refusal to support educational needs. Some real facts; there are millions of jobless men and women right now and their jobs will never come back. 'Buggy whip' jobs are what I call them. They have no place in this century and it's a terrible shame that no one was willing to step up and let these people know that there was no future in what they were doing and that they needed to be retrained and soon. It didn't happen and now there's no money for retraining. No government money, though there is plenty of private money for that kind of stuff, but you won't see it being spent. So now we have millions of perpetually unemployed and because we don't want to educate our children, we will be adding to that number every year as we 'graduate' another high school class. A class with no job skills because we thought that they should all be on the college track. Not going to happen now. And do you want to know what is one of the most dangerous things in the world? A male, between the ages of 16 and 24, without an education, a job, or hope. That is dangerous! Any sociologist will agree. Especially in a country where we allow firearms to be sold and trafficked so easily. Watch your back…

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  1. Your description also is true for young Islamic males who are so easily led into terrorism. I see a clash of poor, uneducated, hopeless societies on the horizon.