Thursday, February 11, 2010

Don't ask me! Anything!

Another one of those irritating headlines...

New Poll Shows Support for Repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'
But the wording of the question in a new New York Times/CBS News survey demonstrates the way people respond to polls.

I know I shouldn't let these stories bother me enough to post them here...but what else would I do with my grumpiness? I can vent here and then my wife sees a contented husband. It's free and it's easy, so I do it. Now, back to the story itself...when are we going to stop depending on polls for everything? It is the least accurate form of data gathering and yet we see it as some sort of Oracle. Presidents rise and fall on a poll? National policy is decided by a poll? Get real!

As a side note, I was in the Navy in the early sixties and there were homosexuals in our unit. No one had a problem with it. This policy should never have been in place and a persons sexuality is none of our business. Homosexuals should serve openly and proudly. The only ones that have a problem with this are politicians from the poorer states, where the Capital C Christians rule. That's also why they are poor. And uneducated. 

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