Wednesday, February 24, 2010

From Ketchup Is A Vegetable

With Liver Tea…

I loved this! This pledging thing has to be right up there along with Public Prayer. Totally useless. The Pledge Of Allegiance time would be better used for a teaching moment...maybe some study of the Constitution or the Bill of Rights?

And yes, the author of the Pledge really was a Socialist.
I'm sorry, but Socialists don't scare me one bit, in fact I like most of them and admire a few.

Francis Bellamy


  1. Steve the amount of things they no longer teach in school would amaze you. Did you know that 50% of schools in this country no longer teach civics. That according to Sandra Day O'Connor.

  2. Unfortunately...I'm no longer amazed at what passes for education. And we, the citizens, are not up in arms about it. That amazes me!