Thursday, February 11, 2010


I was looking at the stories in the NYT email and hoping that the Times hadn't moved into their upcoming 'fee to read' mode. I have a feeling that won't last long. Although it may take awhile before the NYT says 'uncle'. It took them about a year before they realized that hiding the columnists behind a fee wall was not such a good idea. And on that same note, I see from the headline that eBook readers are showing reluctance to pay beyond the $9.99 price that was first established with the Amazon Kindle. Duh! Even $9.99 is far too much to pay when you think about the fact that there are no printing presses, paper and ink, and no transportation costs when you buy an eBook. They're making a bloody fortune at $9.99!

Then I read the story about Google deciding to pressure the ISP's with their high speed internet model that they will bless some city with. Imagine really high speed service…just like they have in other countries.

But there is this from the critics… "They say that by spending relatively small sums, Google would be, in essence, pressuring the telecommunications companies that provide broadband access to millions of American homes to abide by Google's rules."

Google's rules? Sounds like sour grapes and it hints at the fact that the telecom's want to choke the pipelines and charge us extra for anything that resembles high speed. And they want to control every 'pipe'. Google is working for us, the ordinary citizens, in this endeavor. Telecom's bad. Google good.

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