Sunday, February 14, 2010

High Speed

Google has a real battle ahead as it tries to move us forward in internet connectivity. And it's not just a speed contest, it's actually a test of how we value education. The higher the download speeds, the more often the computer will be used. Low speeds turn off the intellect and the quest for knowledge.

here's the current top 14 world-wide in internet download speeds...

Top Countries by Download Speed

  • 23.35 Mb/s Korea, Republic of
  • 18.17 Mb/s Aland Islands
  • 17.38 Mb/s Japan
  • 16.73 Mb/s Latvia
  • 15.24 Mb/s Romania
  • 14.76 Mb/s Lithuania
  • 14.58 Mb/s Sweden
  • 14.08 Mb/s Netherlands
  • 13.99 Mb/s Andorra
  • 13.77 Mb/s Bulgaria
  • 12.28 Mb/s Moldova, Republic of
  • 10.73 Mb/s Hong Kong
  • 10.64 Mb/s Portugal
  • 10.24 Mb/s Slovakia

and where is the US of A? Half the speed of Romania. 1/3 the speed of Korea. Makes you feel proud doesn't it?

29. 7.57 Mb/s United States (this speed is given to us by the media giants that control all we watch and listen to)

There's a list somewhere on the net with IQ levels by nation and it compares quite well with the list above.


Well, we did get to the moon first. So there!

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