Thursday, February 18, 2010

It’s late

…not a lot later, just two hours since I climbed out of bed and I've been doing the usual; drinking tea and browsing the internet. I keep telling myself 'do not read the comments' on stories published on MSM websites. And yet there I was, at the bottom of a CNN story, scrolling through the written evidence that our schools have failed us again. I know everyone has an opinion, but some should run that opinion through a spell check at the very least. Then place it immediately in the circular file. Thank you!

I rail at polls and pollsters all of the time and in 90% of the comments, they quote from poll results. What are they thinking? Polls are created by pollsters to obtain the results they want. That's it. Pollsters are not independent. They are paid for their results and they darn well better be the results that the client wanted.

By the way…did you know that 90% of the 'percentages' quoted in comments and blogs are false?

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