Monday, February 22, 2010

Nato airstrike

kills 27 civilians in Afghanistan - Times Online

Another day in Afghanistan. Another $billion dollars and more untold death. What's a human life worth? And all of this blood and money is being spent for what?

Once again, I made a mistake and read the comments. Disgusting. One commenter wrote -
"Does it never occur to anyone to ask: "What where innocent civilians doing in a remote area to begin with? They are probably family of Taleban to be that far out. Don't forget, if the taleban are willing to be suicide bombers I'm sure they have no qualms about placing their families in danger to making them look like "innocent civilians" for this very purpose.
Idiot! They live in remote areas!!!!! Until they were killed. 90% of Afghanistan is 'remote'. This comment is obviously from someone who couldn't find Afghanistan on a map even if you gave him a week to do it and marked it with a bright red star...

Wanna know why we are losing friends in the world? Wanna know why the schools here are overcrowded and failing in their mission? Wanna know why the infrastructure of the country is crumbling away? I could go on but you already know the answer....


  1. Just found you by following the comments section of Ronni Bennett's TGB blog, where I find most of my favorites these days. As another proud member of the Elitist Left, I propose that we design a Blog Award for our ilk and gather some folks into the fold. I'm starting to get FIRED UP again! And I'm going to take that Liberal Quiz in your sidebar, too. Thanks for blogging.

  2. Thank you. I have had your blog on my RSS feed for some time now and always enjoy it. Keep up the good work. I wish I were more dedicated to this, but life has to happen in between my rants.
    I should note that I'm quite happy to be known as a liberal and I have never cared much for 'Progressive'. Liberals are progressive.
    You have that award designed yet?