Monday, February 1, 2010

Random words from my journal…

Boo the Magic Cat has been doing a great job in the area of pain relief and mood altering. She's almost the equivalent of a dose of any anti-depressant. Unfortunately, she has become a one person, one family kind of cat. At the sound of the doorbell or a knock on the door , she makes a dash for a hiding place, usually under our bed. I've dragged her out and tried forcing face to face interviews with other humans but it is very apparent that I'm in danger of being shredded by her claws as she desperately tries to leave my arms.

The weekend is over and I'm getting ready, in my mind, for a 'new me'. I need to start a walking program and do it soon. I'm almost a week post-op now and the pain is easily manageable. There are no reasons for me not to walk and a million reasons why I should. Okay, rain might be a reason to avoid the stroll, but only if it is pouring.

I'm really doing well on my art projects now and can hardly wait to start another. I need to have a dozen going at once or I'm frustrated. Although I have not been able to (physically) do any gourd art lately, it has not been gone from my mind. And we harvested a new crop of gourds and they are drying out on the patio. Plus, I've found seeds for all sorts of gourds and I think we'll have a great harvest next year. Varied. The grandchildren are going to help in this by taking care of the seedlings for me in their parent's greenhouse. It's an old greenhouse that came with the house, but what a luxury! It's probably 30' long and 10' wide. More than enough room for the few seedlings we'll put in there.

Since I'm feeling so much better now it is time for me to move my acrylics and sundry other items out to my 'studio' in the garage. The table in the family room was cramped and completely inadequate for the projects I had in mind and was working on…but it was pure heaven during all the days that I could not go far at all because of the pain. I could work on something for ten minutes and then head back to my chair to recuperate. Half an hour later I was up and back in my 'indoor studio' for another ten minutes. It was slow but it worked. And now it is time to move to a space that will allow me to work on the 20"x30" illustration board that I bought recently. I'm all about bigger canvas! I'm using the word 'canvas' here to denote anything at all where you place your art. Once I'm well enough to handle the saw and large pieces of wood, my canvases will be much larger.


  1. Kitty9:32 AM

    Be sure to use a heater in your project space so you can be really comfortable. It's cold out there!

  2. You bet...but with the new garage door; insulated, sealed and with windows, it's quite nice out there. It stays around 55 no matter what it's like outside.