Monday, March 15, 2010

Early morning thoughts

I've had two cups of tea and I'm thinking that I might change over to coffee for the rest of the morning. Good idea…

Ah! Not bad at all. Now what was I thinking as I was waiting for the coffee to steep? Yes, I was thinking of death and the possibility of life after death. Possible? Sure, I believe it. Why not; no one can say otherwise with any authority. The authority of experience. Anyway, I thought about the fact that here I was, standing in a kitchen filled with marvelous inventions and thinking about things like that and I had to question again; why is it that large life forms, such as humans, can have such wonderful intellects? We create amazing things and yet we can question our own presence here on this planet. We can wonder. Isn't that great? We have the ability to wonder about all sorts of beautiful things and yet, we are also determined to savage one another. To kill and to maim. To hold dominion over one another. How can we possibly do that when we are so wonderfully made? Shouldn't we spend more time enjoying our existence? And smiling at one another because we also know we are equally made.


  1. Paula9:10 AM

    I think I'll hang a copy of this post on my fridge, or right next to the coffee maker.

  2. Thanks, Paula...I tend to get introspective around 4 in the morning and can't help but wonder about some of this stuff...