Monday, March 8, 2010

A Fit of Pique

The other day I said that Obama had lost me because of his statements regarding the firing of the teacher's in Rhode Island...let me be clear; I will be voting for him in 2012. I cannot possibly vote for a Republican. Every single one that has been elected in my lifetime (except for Ike) has been a disappointment and a disaster for this could I vote for one?


  1. Glad you set the record straight.

  2. Actually, I'm both glad you posted your pique and glad you posted your retraction. I've been hanging on to my loyalty to Obama by my fingernails, but I'm losing my grip over the appointment of Alan Simpson to the Deficit Reduction Commission. Simpson is doing airtime on the cable news channels boasting that there will be teeth, hair, and eyeballs on the floor when the Commission is done with hacking up entitlements. He's a wackjob and he sounds deranged. What was my President thinking?! I reserve the right to be piqued, demand better, and post no retractions.

  3. Nance;
    You are absolutely right. Simpson should not be allowed any kind of voice in this Commission. In fact, there should be no Commission at all. It was designed all along as the vehicle for the assault on SS and Medicare...
    I'm worried all of the time by some of his actions.