Tuesday, March 30, 2010

For Sale

So it begins…once more we're on the move, or I should say that we're planning on it. Like most Californians, we move a lot, in fact, I believe that California holds that dubious record; the Golden Stater's move more than the citizens of any other state. I think this would be our tenth move since we married, 47 years ago? Whatever.

We signed on with a realtor yesterday and that starts the process. Yes, we know this is not the best of years to be selling houses but we need the change; we've been here for six years and that's enough for us. We had aspirations of being true country folks again when we moved here and thought we had made a wise choice, being half an hour away from a medium sized city with its benefits and five minutes away from a small town with its benefits? As it turned out, the benefits of country life turned out to be negligible. Fresh air? Not here; harvesting and field burning are the norm here and you cannot believe how much dust is raised throughout the county when they start shaking trees to harvest almonds and walnuts. Then there is the burning of the rice fields at the end of harvest and that spreads a pall over this end of the valley. Then there are the politics of a Red County…and not even basic cable…dialup internet…no shops…no theatres…no art…one grocery store and they know it…

I better not get started on negatives; let's just say it isn't for us anymore. Plus the fact that my two recent back surgeries have left me unable to contribute much to the maintenance of a large house and a small orchard. I'm definitely getting better, but it is a long process and even then, with the spinal fusion I have, heavy lifting is out of the picture forever. (Yippee!)

The surgeries also contributed to our decision because we found that the thirty minute drive to the hospital became an hour round trip and that might happen a couple of times a day. On a fast moving two lane highway. What does the future hold? I'm almost 70 and so I have to assume that there will be the possibility of more medical needs.

Where do we go from here? We're looking at Chico first and I also want to investigate co-housing in Nevada City. If these don't work out for us…it's the 'Big Island' for sure! Truth is, that would be my first preference but it also requires a lottery win. We're hopeful about the possible sale. The economy is showing signs of something? And Ronni Bennett of Time Goes By just sold her place in record time and is now looking to buy somewhere else. That's positive news and that is the kind we're looking for.


  1. Hi Steven, this relates to an old blog post of yours: I found a website that lists farms by state that sell grass-fed beef: eatwild.com. You might find one near you. Or maybe, since you're thinking about moving (did Ronni B give you itchy feet?), maybe you could move close to such a farm!

    Good luck!

  2. Hi Annie, that's a good website. I found that one of the entries is one I'm familiar with...we see their products at the local Farmer's Market on Saturday's. My sister, in AZ, might even find one near her...

  3. Your planned move sounds like a very positive decision, to me. Good luck! If you want country, it will be just a short drive away, without the drawbacks that go with actually being part of that community.

  4. Thanks for the link (eatwild.com) I found some farmer's markets close that carry some grass fed beef. Will check it out Saturday

  5. Wow! I love Nevada City, but of course it would be nice to have everyone all in Chico - one stop shop :)