Saturday, March 27, 2010

From Charles Blow

an Op-Ed Columnist at the NYT-
"Whose Country Is It?"

Regarding the Tea Party "...they were disproportionately white, evangelical Christian and “less educated ... than the average Joe and Jane Six-Pack.” This at a time when the country is becoming more diverse (some demographers believe that 2010 could be the first year that most children born in the country will be nonwhite), less doctrinally dogmatic, and college enrollment is through the roof. The Tea Party, my friends, is not the future."

Our nations demographics and the Tea Party. A story that they cannot swallow...


  1. They're mostly women, too -- something like 55%.

  2. Is this gender specific behavior? I'm not touching that one!

  3. You can't say that it's a women's movement when its newest convert is Mr. Maverick, Mr. Vietnam War Hero, himself! Desperation knows no gender.