Monday, March 29, 2010


The party of family values? Michael Steele's RNC ran up almost $2K at strip club

Got to love it! we could try to make this stuff up, but why bother?


  1. I love the link and your new look. This info is a real BONUS right now! Thanks for posting it!

    (But, did you switch to Blogger In Draft? I just did and today, none of my images in header or posts show up. Yours looks the same right now. They say, on Blogger's Help Site, that they are working on a fix. You can email me at on this problem. Especially interested in anything you can learn.)

  2. How long before Mr. Steele is forced to walk the plank?

  3. Thanks for the note. I was really hoping that Blogger would have more choices in Draft. Oh, well...your 'green' theme is nice.

  4. Great stuff! Some days, it really pays to get up in the morning.