Wednesday, March 24, 2010


calls health care bill a disaster | bill, press, associated - Local News - Orland Press Register:

"'This bill brings us even further down a bad road for America,' he said in a statement. 'It's a road where big government directs the future of our economy, bureaucrats take the place of doctors, and federal mandates replace individual freedoms.'"

Wally is a liar. Plain and simple. Our economy was ruined by the banks because there were no government regulations. Insurance companies have already taken the place of doctors. And federal mandates can protect us from the insurance companies.

Herger needs to be removed from office at the first opportunity. Actually, he should be so embarrassed that quitting now would be his best option.

The man is a disgrace!


  1. It's gotten to where I can't tell if guys like this are

    a. liars
    b. deluded
    c. off their rocker
    d. all of the above

  2. I shouldn't let this guy get to me...but he does. He's my representative in Congress and I'm completely disenfranchised because he is "d. all of the above" Plus there is little chance of him not being reelected; this is a 'safe' seat and completely gerrymandered to keep it that way. It gets lonely living in the Red portion of California. Maybe the Census will help? Can you imagine the squealing if new district lines were mandated?...By Golly! It's a Socialist/Muslim plan to take over Amurica!

  3. I hear you. Mine (Dave Reichert) is an empty defined, the dimmest of bulbs, a back bencher with no signature issue and nothing to show for his tenure. He keeps getting elected in one of the most educated districts in the country because it has just enough wealthy conservatives, megachurches, and teabaggers types (a tiny enclave in the only part of the district that isn't in east King County) to squeeze him through an election.

    What really hurts is that prior to redistricting in 2000, my rep was Jay Inslee, one of the best.

  4. FYI, according to voting records published by The Washington Post the other day, Walter Herger received $735,563 in campaign contributions from the health care industry. In your district, 20.70% (or, a little more than 1 ini 5) are uninsured. Whose interest was he responding to when he voted no on health care reform?
    See today's posts on my blog for more stuff, if interested.

  5. Thanks, Paula...Wally Buffoon gets $3/4 million from those who decide whether we die or not; the health insurance industry. Talk about your 'Death Panels'!!!