Thursday, March 4, 2010

Less Hair

After some mild protest on my part, we went to the store where they sell haircuts (Supercuts) and it wasn't too bad. Fast was what it was and that was much appreciated. I think back to the thousands of hours I wasted sitting in barber shops; it makes me cry! Who knows, I could have invented something in those hours and then made a fortune, but no…I was trapped beneath a dingy sheet while the barber droned in my ear about some baseball game or the weather. Boring! And that's why I stopped going…but this experience wasn't too bad as I had a nice young lady cutting my hair and as she trimmed she asked me questions, got the conversation going so that I could talk about 'me', a favorite subject. It was just slightly obvious that she was doing this as required by the management, even so, who doesn't enjoy talking about themselves and what they were doing that day. And since she was personable, I got in a few questions of my own. She likes crowds and so she works the weekends ( An Extrovert) and she feels that her job is fairly recession proof as our hair keeps growing. Duh!

With a pleasant conversation going on, the time flew by…and then it was over. Well, K said this was the way to do it and he's right. I'll be back.

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