Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Our US Census form is sitting on the kitchen counter and is almost complete. I will be sending it in on the 1st of April, although I don't think it would be a problem if I were to send it in earlier. The information won't change between now and then. It's a very short form and I'm surprised at that. They have this wonderful opportunity to gather all sorts of data and it's being wasted. I seem to remember that at one time there were two forms, a long and a short and every so many? households would receive the long form. Of course I am old enough to remember when every household was visited by a census taker and that's a long time ago.

You can probably tell that I'm not afraid of that piece of paper that constitutes the census for 2010; apparently there are some that are afraid of it…or simply hate it. If I Google the words us census 2010 I get 10,400,000 hits, more or less. When I started looking at the top hits, I was surprised to find that most were helpful and not paranoid. There were all sorts of websites designed to make sure that all ethnicities were going to be counted; that's a good thing! The form itself looks to be designed to gather more info on the Hispanic population and I wouldn't be surprised to see a big jump in the numbers for the Hispanic population throughout the nation. Also a good thing, though I do hope that all of the other population groups are counted fairly. And if you look at the Google hits, you will see that just about every ethnic group is represented and aid in filling out the forms is easily found.

But what about those who are paranoid about the census? I am going to presume that it is a small but vocal group. Delusional in the extreme…but paranoia is catching and those infected with it are quite convinced that they are correct. Witness the Tea Party. On the other hand, if they don't send in the census forms, they lose. They don't seem to have thought that part of it out very well. Hmmm? Would it be a bad thing if we did lose them? Nah!

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