Monday, March 22, 2010

Oh, Wally!

My representative in Congress, the honorable Wally Herger sent out his email update on the health care bill...
"They forced this massive, trillion dollar legislation through without any Republican support and against the will of the American people.  Although they have passed this bill, the fight is not yet over.  Along with other Congressional Republicans, I will fight to repeal this destructive legislation and start over with solutions that focus first on lowering costs." 
Amazing! I guess our family isn't part of the American people. That's what Wally says...despite the many emails I sent him declaring that we supported the bill. It's very difficult to live in a bright RED county. Basically, we have no representative in Congress. Wally votes and parrots the party line. We simply don't exist in Wally's world. Sigh.


  1. That will of the people b.s. is a gigantic, steaming canard. There hasn't been a collective will of the people in the country since WW2.

  2. Love the imagery..."...steaming canard"

  3. Sadly, that's the story all over the country if your Congressman happens to be Republican. They don't care what we, the citizens, think.