Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Remember that song…

'Hair' ? I love it! Well, my wife wants to get a haircut and she wants me to join her in this and she is giving me some pressure. Very light pressure, but truth is…I don't want a haircut. Never have wanted one and I never will. I've never met a barber that I liked and doubt that I will. Besides, hair is to be ignored. It grows, so what? Let it. Same could be said of fingernails but since a long fingernail will get in my way, I choose to cut them. Hair doesn't get in my way. It does its 'thing' while I do mine. Okay, I did spend about two years doing the bald look, shaving my scalp clean and although it was a chore, it certainly felt good. Also, I used to have a full beard and had it for quite awhile, but eventually it got in my way and so I shaved it off. I've experimented with goatees and mustaches but found them to be high maintenance and quit them after a short time. Maintenance; that's probably why I liked the shaved head as I could do that in the shower without a mirror and simply shave everything on my head and face. No boundaries. Except for my eyebrows of course. They've never done anything to me and so I wasn't going to do anything to them. But if they don't stop growing those wild hairs, I may be tempted to shave them off. Maintenance, it's all about low maintenance.

Okay…I'll try it this time. Maybe I'll like it.


  1. Well I guess you could wait for your ear hairs to grow out and do a comb over but that might look too weird. Isn't getting old so much fun?

  2. Ah! Ear hairs...I had forgotten all about that. It's certainly a possibility.

  3. Find a cute young (female) hairdresser who will make a fuss over you.