Sunday, August 22, 2010

Some odds and ends

According to what I read, Americans take an average of 13 vacation days a year and leave behind an astounding number of unspent vacation hours. The British take an average of 26 days a year while the French take 38 days! Are we doing something wrong? Well, we certainly pamper our children as they spend the least amount of time in the classroom, both in days and hours when compared to the majority of other nations.

Then there was this...
In a new study, scientists found that the brains of introverts don't pay much attention to human faces, a reason why they prefer to remain alone while their socially outgoing counterparts love the company of others.

In fact, introverts' brains didn't seem to distinguish between inanimate objects and human faces, said researcher from the Salk Institute for Biological Sciences in La Jolla, California.

So there, I'm not really ignoring you...I just can't tell if you're a lamp or a human.


  1. 1. And the conservatives warn us of the dangers of European style socialism while those countries have good health care, make more money, and have more leisure time. Yet, they assure us we're still the greatest country in the world.

    2. I guess that's why when I meet someone for the first time I never recognize them the next time I see them. I depend on my wife to tell me who people are.