Thursday, August 19, 2010

The things I read...

"A national Harris poll this spring found that 57 percent of Republicans believe that Obama is in fact a Muslim (and, for good measure, 38 percent believe he is “doing many of the things that Hitler did,” and 24 percent believe that Obama actually “may be the anti-Christ”)." 

Why would they believe that? Don't they read anything at all? A book? A magazine? A newspaper? How did these people get out of high school...if, in fact, they went to high school? This stuff just staggers my imagination. That many people and they are all that stupid. We're talking millions of people that simply don't have a clue...

You know what's really scary? These people have driver's licenses and are on the same roads with you. Buckle up!


  1. The people I know personally who still believe those things do not read books, magazines, or get their news from any other source than Fox News.

  2. It is SO frustrating! You can't even hold a conversation with these people...

  3. They believe it because they want to believe it, and go to sources (like Fox) whose purpose is to reinforce their beliefs.