Friday, August 20, 2010

A walk in the park

We started off in the usual way with a stroll through the subway and up the hill as we entered the south side of the park at One Mile. The weather was perfect and the distractions were few…oops! Hold that thought… we did see a very close call as the riders of three bikes came within inches of crashing. The lone rider never even looked back at the two startled bikers. She had entered the park, at speed, crossing the bike path without looking. We continued on. We kept up a fairly fast pace; 3.5 mph and it wasn't long before we were at the two mile marker where we stopped for a drink. Here we had time to look around at the beautiful park, amazed that developers had always been foiled in their attempts to ruin it. Okay, it was time to go for another ¼ mile before turning around.

I should mention my shoes; Sketcher Shape Ups. I don't know well they work to develop core strength but I do know that they have to weigh 5 pounds apiece and the awkward shape of the sole keeps tripping me up. Every few weeks I will put on a pair of my old racewalking shoes just to feel the ground beneath my feet again. Back in the old days…I had purchased a beautiful pair of racing flats from a new company, Nike. Those were the best! Light as air and so flexible. The sole was minimal and so I know that I will never see another shoe like that again.

On the way back we slowed it down to 3.4 mph and took more time with our heads up. And we need it here…the bike riders in the park play a game of 'slalom on wheels' and pedestrians are the course markers. I find it so odd that a guy can spend $5,000 for his bicycle and another $1,000 for the flashy compression shorts and jersey, not to mention the latest headgear…but there seems to be no money left over for a damn darn $5 bell to warn pedestrians that they are being overtaken. I know…it's priorities.

We arrived back at the car safely and with energy left over. A good walk. 4.5 miles. And each day will be better as the summer temps decline and then the leaves will begin to fall in the park. It's absolutely fantastic to look down the trail and see leaves falling, behind and in front of you in a gold and red shower, highlighted by the shafts of sunlight.


  1. Boy, you make me miss walking! It's been so hot and humid here in SC that we've taken all our exercise indoors and that messes with my head after a while. We go from house to gym to car and, somehow, I just don't feel good lately. We park as close to the grocery store as possible. And my whole being longs for the outdoors. Maybe a walk on the beach at twilight is soon as the tourists go home. I long for those autumn leaves, too!

  2. Ages ago, I was stationed at Camp Lejeune so I know how the summer feels. We were in the middle of the Greater Angola Swamp and close to the ocean. HUMID!