Sunday, August 22, 2010

Why is it?

When we say the word 'Christians', do we mean Southern Baptists, Catholics, Quakers or Mormons? There are a hundred more schools of worship and they all all call themselves 'Christian'.

When we say the word 'Muslims', do we mean terrorists? Why don't we think of the hundreds of other schools of worship that are collectively known as Islam? Hundreds that do not preach hatred.

Those opposing the mosque in New York don't know what the word 'Christian' means.


  1. Excellent point, succinctly stated. Same deal, of course, with Buddhism and Hinduism--there are so many sects and types, I get cross-eyed just trying to read about them. (How does anyone ever choose one, btw? Probably they get selected rather than getting to select).

  2. What's especially galling is the fact that the three religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam are Abrahamic. 'Father Abraham' started those religions and he is revered by all three...but then they all go off the rails!

    I wash my hands of all three. I do remain a small 'c' christian. (Truth is, I did this before Anne Rice did it!)

  3. True that. So sick of bigotry and intolerance. Bottom line: this is the USA where we get to choose our religion (or none) and the state can't say squat about it. And for 'people of faith' to be bigoted and intolerant, well, they're not practicing their faith, are they?

  4. No, they are not practicing their faith...they're not even close. But with the appalling level of ignorance in this nation, what can we expect? The preachers spread these hateful messages and there is no one to question them. All are sheep!