Saturday, September 25, 2010

Some ◇ ☼ ∻ Liberal Propaganda ∻ ☼ ◇

California: Killing the Environment to Save Jobs:

Yes, this post from liberal Propaganda was written a few months back but the facts are still the same. The oil companies want to destroy the environment legally and Prop 23 will allow that for them. Prop 23, written and funded by the oil companies, is a lie...a piece of subterfuge that will allow the oil industry to continue business as usual. Think about it; why would the oil industry suddenly feel the need to protect your job? They don't care about you! Now here's the scary part...polls show that the public is close to evenly split on this. What!?! Doesn't the public do 'due diligence' when it comes to ballot initiatives? (ROFLMAO) Okay, enough; now it's time to cry.


  1. MONEY just does not care about the little guy....ask George Bush, he could care less about anyone!

  2. George Bush? Funny; I haven't heard a word out of that bozo in a long time and I really enjoy the silence.