Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tell me

it isn't true! I just read that Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona has gone traveling to New Hampshire and his political consultant (Sheriffs have political consultants?) is hinting that Sheriff Joe is under a lot of pressure from his fans to run for the presidency.

This is all a bad dream, right? I'm going to wake up in a few minutes and all will be well, right?


  1. Well, that is terrifying. Loved the Wonkette piece about Sheriff Joe. It's kinda crazy to think that people are actually asking him to run for President. But then, Arizona keeps electing John McCain to the Senate.

  2. and don't forget the AZ Governor. I used to think Georgia was weird but now I don't know.

  3. Sheriff Joe has fans? Real, honest to God, living, breathing human beings who believe his way is correct? Are these the very same people who scream that Obama is a Muslim and wants to enact Sharia Law?

    Shaking head in disgust at stupid.

  4. Yes, fans. It's hard to believe but he keeps getting elected each time. Which tells you more than you wanted to know about the AZ electorate.