Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Time flies

Yes, it does. Here it is, the middle of September and my mind is still in August. All we need is a week or two of chilly nights and the leaves will begin to turn those lovely autumn shades of color. We're walking in the park every day, except for Sunday, and we're already seeing the signs that summer is fleeing. I'll soon have to accept it.

We will be out in the park early this morning and getting in our daily 4 miles of fast walking. We're in the 16 minute/mile range now and the goal is 15 minute/miles. Well, it's my goal and not necessarily the goal of my LSW. We'll have to work that out somehow. I definitely want to be walking faster and longer now. We've talked about my LSW bringing a book to read so that I can take another half hour to racewalk a few more miles. The fall racing season is coming up and I am tempted to see how I can do in a 5k race. Besides, my t-shirt collection has remained static for the past two years and it's time to add some fresh color to it.

We went to see my favorite surgeon the other day and he has cut me loose. He doesn't need to see me again. He told me that he didn't know if I could race again but I am free to try so I might as well. I'm thinking, at my age, 70, I have a good chance of picking up a medal for placing first in my age group and that has to be a great psychological lift. On the physical side, he told me that I will have to take some nerve pain meds for the rest of my life. Still, that's better than the alternative. His final words for me were 'Stay away from doctors!'

Today is my favorite day of the week, as after our walk I will spend three hours at the Art Center. Our painting group has taken on the painting of a newspaper vending machine. The local 'Alternative Press' has given 10 of these metal boxes to local artists and we will decorate them as we are moved. They will then be coated with a good sealer and placed around the downtown area. We're a group of nine artists and we have one box to paint. Only two of us do much work with acrylics and the rest are watercolorists. It looks like acrylics are the best option for the boxes so this is going to require some serious give and take on everyone's part if we're going to come up with a finished piece we can all love.

Later; the walk went well and so did the painting. I managed to spray a good coat of primer on the newspaper box and divided the painting surface into 16 separate 'canvases'. Now for some inspiration.

On a different subject altogether; politics. I find it hard to comment on that subject during these waning days before the fall election. The crazies seem to have taken over all discourse and I fear for our country. Their cries of 'taking our country back!' probably disturb me the most, as if I and others didn't have some valid claim for our citizenship. We do and it's our country as well. We're all Americans, for better or worse…unfortunately.

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  1. Kitty5:31 PM

    Good news from the doctor, being cut loose that is. Can you drive now? After your race (or before), decide on a time to come see us. I feel the same way you do about politics..the rhetoric gets so tiresome. I need a break from it and since I live in the "crazy" state, surrounded by the shenanigans of a crook sheriff and all his cronies to the daft governor and her is pitiful, really pitiful.