Saturday, October 30, 2010

Getting old...

Wally Herger is getting old. He has held his safe seat in Congress for 24 years now and we pay him $174k a year (plus benefits) to do whatever it is that he does. And that is always what the Republican leadership tells him to do. Nothing else. This year he is being challenged by Jim Reed, a centrist Democrat with little funding from the Democratic Party and no hope of unseating Wally. Mr. Reed has challenged Wally to debate and Wally refuses. Then, Mr. Reed intimated that Wally might be showing early signs of Alzheimer's. (Based on stories he had read in a local newspaper) OMG! You would think that a bomb had gone dare he say that! Of course it was actually a kind thing to say and Wally should take the time to see a doctor and make sure of his health. He should do it for us. After all, his idol, Ronnie, spent the last 4 years of his Presidency in the haze of Alzheimer's and perhaps Wally wouldn't want to do the same. We certainly don't want him to...

What I found unsettling was the reaction of everyone to the word 'Alzheimer's'. Mr. Reed didn't say 'Syphilis'. Or Gonorrhea. Alzheimer's can strike anyone, it's very 'democratic' in that way. And avoiding the word won't make it go away. And avoiding a debate on specious grounds makes it seem that this particular disease might have found another victim.  


  1. "“I am very encouraged that our nation’s mission in Iraq is transitioning to an advisory and training role. This development reflects the tremendous progress Iraq has made in maintaining its security and becoming a stable and functioning democracy."

    Voted no on the bipartisan Horse Slaughter Prohibition Bill (introduced by a Republican), "that establishes a pilot program in Kentucky and New York in order to decide if the prohibition of killing equines for human consumption should be imposed nation-wide."

    Said that "millions of small businesses, the backbone of American job creation, are faced with tax increases that will force them to shed more jobs to stay afloat" but voted against the Small Business Lending Fund and Tax Law Amendments.

    Says that "Republicans are unified: to boost our economy, we need to stop ALL tax hikes and cut spending now," but voted for the unfunded Medicare Part D, which will come home to roost in the form of a massive tax hike for the next generation.

    Alzheimer's is too kind for this guy.

  2. You have just scratched the surface...his 24 year record is filled with disservice to his constituents. Locally, he lives in a gated community and only ventures out to 'friendly' venues such as the Rotary or Chamber of Commerce.

    Also, he co-sponsored the bill to de-fund NPR.

  3. K I don't know how much more our government can do for business. At present they pay no federal taxes on a new for the first year they work. The Small business bill makes any equipment purchases by a business basically tax free. What people fail to realize is there have been four tax cuts under Obama yet republicans would have you believe otherwise. The expiration of the Bush tax cuts amounts to 4%. I say let them keep the four percent and get this country working again if that's what it takes. I calculated it would cost me all of about $25 a week. I say let them have it.

  4. The problem is that renewing the tax cuts won't get the country working again -- economists are virtually unanimous on the point that tax cuts for the wealthy are an inefficient means of job creation -- but it will add trillions more to the deficit.

    If the economy were strong, I'd favor letting them all expire. It's not and people are hurting, so we shouldn't take money out of the pockets of people who need it and will spend it.