Sunday, October 24, 2010

Once again

The silliest of seasons is upon us; it's midterm election time and although I may have started out by calling it 'silly' it is far from it this year. Those who wish to harm America are out in force this time around and are doing whatever it takes to get themselves elected. Truly; I don't remember a time quite like this. Lies and liars abound on the far right. It's hard to find the truth spoken from the candidates of the rightwing.

I've been voting for a long time now and I will continue. I cannot concede a thing to these evil forces
idiots misguided citizens. It's truly an all-out assault on our intelligence this year as 'intellect' is something that the conservatives have always hated; as they know that an intelligent voter will never vote for the conservative agenda. Sure, there are intelligent 'conservatives' but this year they are being lumped together with progressives by those of the lunatic far right with a conservative mindset. With these people, there is no middle ground and so any conservative official who fails to buy into the tea party ideology is targeted for dismissal.

It's hard to believe, but it is almost 2011. A full decade into the 21st century. And those idiots
fools that are fooled by the tea party ideology believe that it's still the 18th century and we need to live as the Constitution dictates. Which it never did. Never has. But you can't tell these people anything. If they had their way, all the Amendments would be repealed. Especially the one regarding slavery. And women. They don't understand or read history, they simply parrot whatever the Koch brothers tell them via their stooges. Oh, if only they could read!

But they can't and so we're stuck with these idiots tea party types until this election cycle is over.

On the bright side…we will survive this assault on our liberties. Hoover was a tool of the rightwing. McCarthy, the drunken fool tried to ruin us and so did Nixon. Reagan and the two Bush's made devastating runs on our freedom but we're still here. If the Republicans take the reins of power again it will be only a short time before they are revealed as the true idiots
fools misguided leaders that they are. Or were. It's two steps forward and then one step back whenever the Republicans take over from a progressive administration. We're still making progress but it is so darn slow!

I'm hoping that the polls are wrong on some of these races and I have good reason to believe they are. I read an article recently which explained the trouble that pollsters are having; cell phones. Almost 30% of Americans have given up their land lines and pollsters hate to shell out the bucks to call you on a cell phone. So they are calling a large number of older citizens and these also happen to be the few who will even sit still for a poll. Most citizens under the age of 50 are quick to hang up when they are asked to be polled.. It's much older citizens that make up the sampling base so you can see the demographics being skewed in favor of conservatives and unfortunately, this is also the group that votes more often.

There is one poll number that I do like and that's the one that shows Jerry Brown leading over Meg Whitman. She does have more money yet to spend and spend it she will. She's certain that being governor is akin to being Empress and all will do as she says once elected. Not! She was a CEO once and everyone did have to obey her, but the legislators, a Democratic majority, will do as they please because she has no political skills…and she can't fire them.

Back to my painting. Writing about politics has soured me and I need to vent with some bold colors on a big scale!

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  1. I only know a couple of people from California, but they are voting for Jerry Brown. Now if I could be as sure that Rick Scott was not going to be governor of Florida!