Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The House leaders have been elected and the results are as expected. Boehner and his boys will be in a position to do what they do best. Nothing. And they will make sure that we have plenty of it for the next two years. Treason.

Nancy Pelosi is the best man the Democrats have and they should be grateful for all that she has done for the party. But they won't. The usual blue dog Democrats will whine and snivel for the next two years, all the while they will be cozying up to the Boehner Boys in hopes of being tossed a scrap. Hopeless.

I never thought that I would applaud the election of a Republican but Lisa Murkowski is my hero today. She beat the Palin/tea party in Miss Quittypants own backyard. And she did it the hard way with a write-in candidacy...who would have thought that such an idea had a chance?

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