Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This from Citizen K

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I read this when we were traveling in Arizona a few days ago and although I wanted to share it at that time, I had to wait till I had my own computer in front of me. This piece really lays out the facts for 'single payer' health care, something that even the Democrats didn't want to hear about.

And this morning I heard about the San Francisco City Council voting to ban fast food meals for children that use toys to entice the children...unless the meal contains less than 600 calories, 600 mg of salt and 35% calories derived from fat. Plus it has to include a fruit or vegetable snack. I can already hear the republicans yelling about how this is government interfering in private business. Darn right it is! Because without that interference, our children and grandchildren will be enticed into eating lethal doses of fat and sodium just to increase the bottom line in the fast food industry. I can't even begin to imagine why a child would need a 600+ calorie meal; can you?

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