Friday, December 31, 2010

Chances are

Robert Genn, a Canadian painter of some fame, puts out a twice a week newsletter and it frequently has some gems in it. Such as this…


Art reboots the cerebral cortex, teaches new skills to underutilized hands, arouses dormant sensitivities and promotes latent passions. If need be, art gives us something to talk about besides the kids, grandkids and celebrities, hence making us more interesting people. And it's cheap--a month of art supplies for the average Daumier is about the same as a round of golf.


Done well, art has lots of ploys, feels good, makes you proud, is so frustratingly difficult it makes grown men cry, and it's not golf. (emphasis mine)

Robert Genn – December 31st of the year 2010


Mr. Genn notes that there are an estimated 12 million painters in North America. This makes my chances of becoming the next El Greco slim to none.


  1. Steven, art has been competitive for many, many years so nothing new there. It's a heart and soul kind of thing. IF you think you need to compete, you'll never be any good. IF you do art for the love of art, then you will reap the rewards.....easy choice, I'd say.
    Happy New Year to you!

  2. I'm definitely not competitive about it! I just love doing it... and talking about it. And as Mr. Genn says, "...making us more interesting people." You are an interesting person and it is art that makes you so. Art is woven all through you!
    A Happy New Year to you!