Thursday, December 16, 2010

paper cuts

jill sylvia’s paper cuts question the notion of value | Daily Art Muse

Why do I think I should be an art critic? Probably because I'm still trying to find my own way in expressing myself with art.

Anyway, back to the criticism. If you click on the links above you will see a fantastic display of perseverance. Perhaps mania? But is it art?

I struggle with this all of the time as I wonder if I'm creating art or wallpaper samples.

After some thought I have come to the conclusion that no one can criticize art. It is what it is...and you can keep your opinions to yourself.


  1. That's why art is an art teacher, when I have everyone paint the same object (even though they are all looking at the same object), the paintings are a wonderful variety of style....we ALL see things differently! Thus, the spice of life, doncha know!
    Happy Holidaze to you, Steven!

  2. Oh, I definitely know! But I struggle with my own it just wallpaper? Or have I dug deep into my psyche to create something that makes me feel wonderful? I have, sometimes, gone off into a repetitive style where I draw endless rectangles...or circles and I wonder once it art? (it is fun, though!)

    All the best to you!

  3. Don't question it (who cares if it is wallpaper?) do it because you love it. You couldn't NOT do it so love your style and nourish it (that's what I tell my students) because it is YOURS!
    Happy Holidaze dear Steven!!

  4. My dear Mzzz are too kind (as usual). I'm still working on developing a style. Perhaps I shouldn't work at it and just let it develop? Fer instance...I'm trying traditional water color right now (this morning) and I have a piece that I like. Out in the garage, I have a pure abstract that I'm very happy with. At a small local show I have an Impressionistic piece that gets good reviews (but no sale). I have pieces done with collage and some with pastels. I'm gathering supplies to start some encaustic work. I've done stained glass and I am thinking of signing up for papier-mâché classes as well as ceramics. If I had a welder, I would probably be doing steel sculpture. So somewhere in all of this is a style for me...somewhere.

    But you know what? I love it all!

    Thanks again!

  5. Best to choose one or two mediums and get good at those. When you are too diversified you don't tend to focus on any one thus making finding your own style more difficult......jus' sayin'!