Tuesday, December 14, 2010


...that was liberating. I just cancelled my Facebook account. It was simply becoming a bad habit. If it had been intellectually stimulating, I would have stayed. Now I have just one bad on-line habit; Google Reader!

Speaking of Google Reader as I was...I read a piece where the author had made a foot pedal style/accelerator for Google Reader. Press down and the entries just fly by! I have to find that article...


  1. Well, I had noticed you left my "fan" page and was so sad to see that! BUt, I understand about FaceBook. I still have it but never go to it other than my "fan" page. I refuse to engage any communication with ANY Republicans. I just won't do it. I will miss your comments greatly on my "fan" page, I really will.....jus' sayin'!!!

  2. Thanks, Miz Ima! I will always be reading and watching your PWally and Paintx3. I'm still very much a fan of yours!

  3. I'm nonpolitical on FB. Too many long-time friends that I'd rather not get into it with.