Sunday, January 9, 2011

Still Alive

The good news, so far, is that Rep. Giffords is still alive. I'm still certain that the shooting was caused by the Tea Party (Koch brothers) and the Republican Party. Certainly not directly, but just as certain by their hate filled rhetoric that they have flooded the nation with during the past two years. And longer.
Yes, Rep Giffords is still alive but six have died and 12 more are wounded. Each of the six were important people. Equally. And all were injured or killed by a man with a gun. A mentally ill man with a gun. Hello, NRA?
The Republican Party has always gone out of their way to attract those who were mentally ill; Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Michelle Bachman are the most obvious. I won't include Rush in the list of those who are ill because he doesn't really deserve any sympathy. He knows what he is doing to make a buck and he would flip in a minute if he could get more cash as a Democrat. He doesn't have beliefs, he has a shtick!
Speaking of the NRA as I was; where do we stand with the NRA argument that says that we are safer when good citizens have guns…guns that can be used to shoot those who would inflict violence. (That whole argument makes my head spin) I guess all of the good citizens were home that day or out at the shooting range.


  1. Some of the best citizens were right there meeting Gabby Giffords.

  2. Amen!

    I think of our representative, Wally Herger; he never mixes with a crowd. He's always safely ensconced in a luncheon with the Chamber of Commerce. Get near the people? You gotta be kidding! He's no fool!