Monday, January 17, 2011


Yes, I play Lotto. $1 a game. That's about $100 a year and don't tell me how poor my chances are. I know. But the facts are this; someone wins. And on Saturday night someone won $32 million. On a whim, I decided to investigate a little further and read that there was one winner and they picked the winning ticket at a convenience store in Orosi, California. I've been to Orosi. It's memorable because of the poverty that is endemic in that part of the San Joaquin Valley. Here's a link to the stats on Orosi. If you read the stats you will see that the income levels are far below the California average. The population is over 80% Hispanic and I can tell you from personal experience that most are employed in agriculture as pickers. I would guess that there is a large percentage of that number that are undocumented. Lots of citrus and lots of grapes harvested here. In a previous life I enjoyed some church mission trips here; to Lemon Cove, Corcoran and to Ivanhoe as well. All poor. Agriculture breeds poverty. I can guarantee you that this new millionaire will be the only one within a twenty mile radius. Only the workers live here. The corporate farmer doesn't come to Orosi.
 I didn't win but I'm glad someone from Orosi did.

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