Saturday, February 12, 2011

First things first

A quiet morning. I read the news and then the blogs. I decided that there was nothing out there that I could fix so I moved over to the Google Reader feeds for Art and stole some more of the art I liked. Steal is a harsh word...I Copy it to a folder on my Desktop and then set my Screen Saver to display it. OC as I am, I now have about 1,400 pieces of art to look at.
Speaking of art, I found a piece of mine that needed finishing and so it is done. I put it on my art blog. 
I was cleaning things up in the studio when I found that one...and many others. I also made myself some new 'supports' for painting. A 3'x4' and a 2'x2' hardboard surface on a wood frame. They have gesso on them and now it's time to come up with an idea to cover them with. But why do I make new surfaces when I have so many that are not 'finished'?
On another note; we have used up all of the leftovers and have begun using Trader Joe's odds and ends for dinner. Not that TJ's ingredients are below par; they definitely are not! But it is time for a real meal again. This cooking for two is difficult enough, but when you're using prepared meal ingredients such as Chimichurri Rice or Sweet Potato Fries, the container always holds 4 or more servings and it's easy to be tempted to use the whole package. Anyway, back to my real meal. I defrosted some chicken thighs and a few minutes ago I deboned them and have them ready for the next step. I don't know what it is yet, but I have time. And in the meantime, I have the bones and skin simmering on the stove as I make some rich chicken broth. I credit YouTube for  my knowledge of deboning a chicken thigh. 
What did we do before the internet?
Well, we read and I'm still doing a lot of that. I'm reading the Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis and I'm just finishing up Jesus War: How Four Patriarchs, Three Queens, and Two Emperors Decided What Christians Would Believe for the Next 1,500 Years, by Philip Jenkins. This one is exciting, but a tough slog. There are far too many names to remember in this ancient but true drama. (One name stands out; Timothy the Weasel, Patriarch of Alexandria.) Of course it could be the meds I'm taking that has me drooping after ten or twenty pages. I have a Fentanyl patch on my shoulder that keeps me in a gray zone most of the time.
Speaking of gray, I recently got a catalog from The Duluth Trading Co. and after reading about their Longtail T's, the Solution to Plumber's Butt, I decided to try them out; mainly because I was tired of the nagging I was getting every time I bent over. Okay, they are pretty good. Really nice. And I got a gray one. No, I'm not getting anything from them, I just thought I would share the info. 
I better go...I have to check the chicken broth. If I can remember why I'm in the kitchen.


  1. I think I'll put that Jenkins book on my list. I'll also check into those T shirts. I have a five year old grand daughter that makes a loud announcement about it every time I bend over.

  2. the t's are really well made. Much thicker than usual...but they are/were pricier. Well, they were higher than JC P's price. I bought enough to get me the 'Free' shipping.