Friday, March 4, 2011


Calling the shots | The Economist:

"".....the policing tradition is rooted in 19th-century Peelian principles: the police are not supposed to impose order on an unwilling populace, but to operate with the consent of the community. The display and use of force is meant to be minimal."

And it works!

"LESS than 5% of police officers in England and Wales carry a gun on duty. Infinitely fewer fire one, and fatal shootings by police are vanishingly rare (there were two in 2009-10)"

"To a degree that many Americans find incredible, this fairly violent country is policed by men and women who might, on a difficult day, pack a baton and a can of tear gas."

Here's a model of policing that why don't we try it? Our own methods haven't worked in years. Actually, they never have. 

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